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Nyomtató szerviz Iratmegsemmisítő szerviz We repair and service fax accessories, copier, shredder, typewriter, monitor, printer, telephone accessories, telephone system, computer 1149 Budapest Egressy út 62. - XIV. kerület, Zugló ÚtvonalNyomtató szerviz útvonal tervezés We repair and service fax accessories, copier, shredder, typewriter, monitor, printer, telephone accessories, telephone system, computer Telefonközpont szerviz We repair and service fax accessories, copier, shredder, typewriter, monitor, printer, telephone accessories, telephone system, computerTel.: +3630 301 2033 Service & repair
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Service & repair

In our office machine repair shop, finding the error is free!

We repair and service the following devices
  • Printer, laser printer
  • Shredder
  • Telephone exchange
  • Telephone accessories
  • Telephone System
  • Camera, reflex camera
  • Fax accessories
  • Copier
  • Monitor
  • Typewriter
  • Computer fax service and repair
From the following brands :

Brother service and repair
Canon service and repair
Casio service and repair
Dahle service and repair
Fellowes service and repair
GBC service and repair
General Electric service and repair
hp service and repair
Ideal service and repair
Sharp service and repair
Panasonic service and repair Rexel service and repair
Sanyo service and repair philips service and repair
utax service and repair

  • Television
  • Monitor
    fax service and repair
From the following brands :

thomson service and repair samsung service and repair
sony service and repair Grundig service and repair
Philips service and repair LG service and repair

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to examine a faulty device?

There is no inspection fee, so finding the error is free.

In the case of more than two devices, we charge a test fee of HUF 1,270 per device, if no repairs are made.

How much will the repair cost?

It depends on the error of the device. After finding the error, we will give a price offer for the repair, if it exceeds 5-8 thousand forints. If this is a smaller amount, we will begin the repair immediately after the error is identified. Of course, we can agree otherwise. A general printer maintenance is HUF 7,365. Until then, we will automatically repair the printers up to the value limit, and we will consult with the customer.

How long does it take to repair my device?

We undertake the examination with a deadline of about one week depending on the number of machines waiting inside. Minor bugs will be corrected in the meantime. The repair may take longer if a part needs to be purchased. We do not undertake any out-of-line or immediate review or repair.

I have a 1-2-year-old device, its warranty has not expired and I did not buy it at Beta Irodatechnika Ltd. Do you undertake the repair?

For devices that are still under warranty, you can find the name and contact details of the warranty service on the warranty card. If this is not the case, the company where you purchased the device can provide more information.

Is there a warranty for the repaired device?

Of course it is, for 3 months from the delivery of the repaired device.

I constantly need a device that is faulty or I can’t bring the device into service because it’s too big - too heavy. Do you come to my office?

We undertake disembarkation for industrial/high-performance devices. On the other hand, it is luckier if they can solve the delivery of the device - with the help of colleagues, acquaintances - because the repair requires tools, instruments, parts, safe conditions. These are provided in our service, but not necessarily in an office or apartment.

ATTENTION! After the 30th day after the repair notice, the machine will be shipped to a waste container if they do not come for it.



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